Martiros Saryan

Martiros Saryan

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Aram Sevoyan

Aram Sevoyan was born in 1987 at village Vardenik, Armenia. From 2002 to 2009 has studied at The Colleg of Fine Arts after Panos Terlemezyan, as painter. Now he deals with creative working, gives new solutions and modern views in drawing and art. He has taken part in a lot of group exhibitions.
2008 Terlemezyan Gallery
2011 The National Gallery of Armenia
2013 The Gallery of the city Martuni
He also participated in the Exhibition of the President’s State Prize in Fine Arts (2009-2010). Now his works are situated in some private collections in Armenia and also in abroad. The state of California. USA, Ankara. Turkey, Beirut. Lebanon, The Russion Federation etc.

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                                     The Sleeper, 2009, oil on canvas, 30X50cm
                                                            Price 400$

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                                      Early spring, 2013, oil on canvas, 40x60cm
                                                            Price 500$

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   The thrown Cart (1), 2009, oil on pasteboard, 70x90cm
Price 1000$

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                             The thrown Cart (2), 2009, oil on pasteboard, 70x80cm
                                                         Price 1000$

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                                        Etude, 2010, oil on canvas, 34X29cm
                                                          Price 300$

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       Composition, 2010, paper. mixed technique, 65X50cm 
Price 400$

Vahe Tevos (Tevosyan)

Vahe was born on 28 September 1989. Since childhood Vahe tried to paint both with simple pencils and even with paintbrushes. When he was just five years old, Vahe already started to paint. Vahe studied in an art school after Hakob Kojoyan. Completely new world opened to him: the world of colorful and magical art. The complex and systemic artistic education even further fostered Vahe's love and aspiration towards drawing and art and had a decisive role in selection of his future profession.
Young Vahe did not have any doubts: painting was his future. In 2005 Vahe was admitted to State College of Fine Arts after Panos Terlemezyan. Studying in the faculty of painting, Vahe learns about the principles and tasks of academic painting, graphics and composition, which are taught by talented artist-professors. The years of study in Terlemezyan greatly contributed to the development of his artistic thought and taste.
Continuing the firm steps towards his chosen profession, in 2011 Vahe was admitted to the Painting department of Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts. From his prominent artist-professors Vahe receives aspiration and propaganda for new ideas, which prepare him not only for creative activity, but also for innovation in the sphere of culture.
Over the years Vahe forms his unique handwriting with his own approach to artistic expression, compositional ideas and forms and decorative interpretation.
Constantly working and creating, Vahe has already authored hundreds of paintings. His paintings have been showcased within various exhibitions both in Armenia and abroad. Almost every year Vahe presents the audience his solo exhibitions showcasing his new ideas and solutions.

                                                         Solo Exhibitions

2007 "Three phases", Arev Art gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2010 "Sopa yar", Arev Art gallery, YerevanArmenia
2011 "Spring", State College of Fine Arts after Panos Terlemezyan, Yerevan, Armenia
2012 "Harem", Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
2013 "Owl", Albert and Tove Boyajian Gallery, YerevanArmenia

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                                      A dream, 2013, oil on canvas, 50x50cm
                                                             Price 2000$

                                                Click on Image to enlarge
                                    Morning, 2014, Oil on canvas, 60x70cm
                                                     Price 1500$

                                                  Click on Image to enlarge
                                Two  women,  2013, oil on canvas, 80x100cm
Price 2000$

                                                    Click on Image to enlarge
                                 Riding, 2013, Gouache on pasteboard, 25x30cm
                                                              Price 350$

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                                         Charm, 2013, oil on canvas, 90x70cm
                                                          Price 3000$

                                                   Click on Image to enlarge
                                       Secret, 2013, oil on canvas, 60x50cm
                                                             Price 3000$

                                                 Click on Image to enlarge
                                       Madness, 2013, oil on canvas, 60x50cm
                                                            Price 2000$

                                                 Click on Image to enlarge
                                         Today, 2012, oil on canvas, 100x80cm
                                                          Price 2000$

                                                  Click on Image to enlarge
                                          Love, 2011, oil on canvas, 85x65cm
                                                            Price 1500$

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Romeo Melikyan (Painter/Sculptor)

                                                          In his studio

Referance about a young talented artist Romeo Melikyan, the revelation, of which has pleasant shades for the sophisticated art critic. 
Graduated only from an art college future artist tries to place an order with some stock of identity and world outlook in which the tension of the time and dramatic accents make the spectators enter that "sphere of art"-fixing his restless emotional state in ordinary images of the reality. 
A man nature, object images never have passive, speculative mirror reflections in his paintings. They are in the field of tension with certain shades of identity. Being aware of world art streams at such an early age. Expressionism, dramatism and dynamics are closer to his art, which are brought into harmony with metaphisic restless vibrations of luminescence. 
I think the young artist will have prudence and wisdom to appraise his virtues in their true worth and not to be fascinated with the success of the time for the art is credo and long existence of spirituality.
Art critic Poghos Haytayan

Born in Tavush region, Armenia in 1987
- Studied at Panos Terlemezyan Arts College - 2004-2011
- Participated in number of group exhibitions in Armenia, Russia, Lebanon and England. Was rewarded with diplomas and letters of acknowledgement.
- "A step forward" at Artist Union of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia - 2008
- "Lost Motherlant" at Panos Terlemezyyan Arts College, Yerevan, Armenia - 2009
- "Armenia-Ross", Moscow, Russia - 2010
-Participated in an exhibition of young artists sponsored by the president of the Republik of Armenia - 2010
- "Symphony of colors", Beirut, Lebanon - 2012
- "New Generation, Selected Artist", Yerevan, Armenia - 2012
- "Give a Life", Yerevan, Armenia - 2012
- 10th Anniversary of Arame Art Gallery -  2013
- Group exhibition, Lincoln England - 2014
- Romeo Melikyan's paintings are in private collections in Armenia, Russia, Lebanon, England and USA

                                                 Click on Image to enlarge
                                   Struggle series-1, 2013, oil on canvas, 80x115cm
                                                        Price 17000$

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                                   Struggle series-2, 2014, oil on canvas, 90x140cm

                                                 Click on Image to enlarge
                                    Struggle series, 2015, oil on canvas, 75x95cm

                                                  Click on Image to enlarge
                                           Struggle 5, 2014, oil on canvas, 100x140cm

                                                 Click on Image to enlarge
                                       N-1-3, 2014, oil on canvas, 28,5x39cm

                                                    Click on Image to enlarge
                                        N-1-1, 2014, oil on canvas, 50x40cm

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Vahe Van (Poghosyan)

The typical feature of my painting is the deviation from previous realistic and modern traditions.

Deviating from the reality by my painting.I am trying to create a new reality based on the real life.The main topics are the relations between a man and a woman wich are expressed with bright colorful harmonious syntheses. The woman is body as a plastic means, gives the pictures liyric melody.

He was born in 1989.
1996-2006 he went to Nork Armenian house.
2007-2011 he went to the Armenian state Pedagogical university,the faculty of Art.

Individual exhibitions
2008-Narekatsi art union
2010-Hause museem  of H.Tumanyan.
He has participated in many republicion and group exhibitions.

Private collections

Germany, Shushi notional gallery, RussiaYerevan.

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City, 2015 oil on canvas, 95x60cm
                                                            Price 800$ 


Vahe Apoyan (Painter)

This type of working is not an and initself for me, but it is tended to serve a meaningful level of my works.
The artistic and stylish advantages of my art have been formed impressed by philosophic ideas of symbolism and aesthetism.

Creating constructive new systems by non-traditional ways, it includes in itself certainty of lines widh ornamental elements.

He was born on the  in 1988.
2004-2006 He went to Armenian house in Nork.
2006-2013 He went to Art college after P. Terlemezyan.
2013- up to now is the academy of Yerevan.
In  2013 he had an individual exhibition in Terlemezyan exhibition holl.
He has taken part in various republicion and group  exhibions.

Private collections
Artsakh.  National gallery in Sushi, San-Francisco, Moscow, Los-Angeles, Yerevan.

                                                       Click on Image to enlarge
                                      The Three Graces, 2013, oil on canvas, 85x105cm
                                                                  Price 900$

                                                                   Click on Image to enlarge
                                                      Chucifixion, 2014, oil on canvas, 110x130cm
                                                                          Price 1200$

                                                           Click on Image to enlarge
                                          Areni church, 2013, oil on canvas, 30x40cm
                                                              Price 200$